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I’ve got to say I’m pleased with the product and support. We purchased in Sept 2013, and the tramp is holding up well. The kids use the daylights out of it, and nothing’s gone wrong in 7+ months. Sometimes we probably go over the official weight capacity, but the support structure has never seemed overloaded.

When we first received it, no one was available to help assemble it. I have put together 2 others, so I did it myself. If you’re experienced, you can probably do it alone. At one point, my preteen held the frame steady while I added a leg, but it wasn’t really necessary. I will also add that there were two pieces missing: a clip to secure the leg to the base, and one of the 20+ locking nuts. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent the parts quickly with no hassle. Good customer service.

– A Pylon

“Well after 7 hours, lots of cussing and hubby blaming the manufacturers of the trampoline, my 12 yr old neighbor girl seeing enough butt crack to last her a life time and hopefully scaring her away from guys for a long time, going to hardware store to buy more foam for poles, more string for the cage and having to cut the first line of stitching on the straps that go around the balls that sit on top of the poles that holds the netting it finally got put together. The grandkids and neighbor girl love it. The basketball hoop impressed me by being metal, that was pretty cool! Over all I give it 5 stars. I got a good laugh outta watching a 12 year old now more of what she was doing then my husband, even though he doesn’t think so, lol!”
– Lora


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